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Wedding games aren’t just great fun, they could come in handy too (if you’ve got the time and patience to set them up!) Here’s a list of my top 12!

Wedding Garden Games

  1. Bouncy Castle – Very easy to hire and relatively cheap I found. Make sure the number of children (or adults) on it do not exceed the capacity allowance!
  2. Giant outdoor versions of board games eg chess or connect 4
  3. Tug of war
  4. Trampoline
  5. If you want a funny retro vibe, you could go down the school sports day route with sack races, egg and spoon
  6. Hula hoops make a great prop – make sure you buy a few of them so there’s no fighting!
  7. Bucking bronco
  8. You could hire in actors (or recruit guests) to dress up and get guests to take part in solving a mystery or go on a treasure hunt
  9. Not sure if you want to encourage a water fight or your big day, but if you do, why not get loads of water pistols…
  10. Have a duck race in a paddling pool
  11. Playing frisbee is classic entertainment and very cheap to provide. (Splash out and get a few personalised with your wedding details on! You could give out mini ones as favours.
  12. Get a parachute. If it’s large enough, kids and adults will love running underneath!

I hope these ideas have provided some food for thought and that you’re having a good weekend. If you would like to receive the Monty Manatee newsletter with all it’s freebies and wedding deals in your area, remember to check their website out!

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