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Weddings are traditional ceremonies which are steeped in conventions and traditions. The engaged couple plan for the wedding and seek the advice of professionals so they can avoid offending anyone by breaching wedding etiquette. However, it’s not only the to-be-wed couple that should heed wedding etiquette but also the wedding guests.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When you receive the “save a date card” in the post informally informing you that a wedding is to take place in around four months, then you’d better take note of the date and get your secretary to mark it up your calendar. This would ensure that you will be available to attend the ceremony barring unexpected circumstances.

Once you receive the wedding invitation, do confirm your attendance, especially if the invitation has R.S.V.P on it. Follow protocol in confirming your attendance. It is usually done by phone communication with the wedding coordinator.

One last thing by the way, take note of the little things in the invitation. If the invitation says “Adult only reception,” then it means that the couple would like you to leave your underage children at home. If the invitation states that you’re allotted only “1″ seat in the reception, then this means that you should attend by yourself and you cannot bring your own guest.

Wedding Gifts

Receiving a wedding invitation carries an implied obligation to send a gift. This obligation is present whether you choose to attend the wedding or not.

The gifts should be sent preferably the moment you receive the wedding invitation. This way, you won’t have to lug your gift around to the wedding ceremony, which could very well take place on another side of the planet. This would also give the couple a chance to prepare their thank you cards well in advance of their honeymoon trip.

It is difficult to choose a gift that the bride and groom would like to receive on their wedding day. Find out the couple’s registry information through the couple’s closest friends and find a gift that the couple actually wants.

By the way, if you attend other wedding gatherings like the bridal shower, you may also bring a separate gift.

Wedding Ceremony

On the day of the wedding itself, do not be late for that’s being rude. Enjoy yourself, too, so that other people will enjoy your company and you can add to the general merriment that surrounds the occasion.

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