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So you opted to can ‘canned’ music for your wedding and decided to let an ensemble or soloist create the mood. Live music is in many ways more advantageous than recorded music. For one thing, professional artists know how to strike a chord in their listener’s hearts, and if the cue is timed well and the performance delivered with passion, every moment will be highlighted, and the memory of the event is that much more intimate.

You owe it to your performers to provide them with an ideal venue and conditions; in this way, their craft is employed to full use, and you get to enjoy a truly unforgettable wedding.

Before contacting for live music, choose your preferred genre first. Remember that it will be played among a diverse crowd, so it has to please the general taste as well. If you are unsure of what music to use, choose a variety ensemble and ask for suggestions; classical music is more likely the genre which appeals to most crowds.

Take note that musicians may have another performance scheduled within the day of the wedding, so if you’re planning to have them for more than two to three performances, ask them well in advance. Also, proper etiquette requires that a portion of the payment should be fulfilled for at least two weeks in advance of the event (about a third or half of the overall fee).

Make sure that the venue and the conditions amply accommodate your performer’s needs. They should be situated on dry environments, as mist and too much sun can damage the instruments and cause discomfort to the musicians. The performers should be shaded from the elements, and must be provided with access to electrical supply when needed.

Place the performing area away from the refreshment tables to avoid spillage mishaps and noisy distractions, and if a part of the event is held indoors or in a candlelit environment, make sure that they have enough illumination to see the musical sheets and the instruments. The acoustics of the venue should also be ideal for live music – for maximum amplification, choose those with hardwood floors, curtained walls, and fabric-lined ceilings.

Choose experienced and expert musicians; ask your wedded friends and relatives for any ensemble which fits the bill. Professionals know how to go with the flow of the ceremony, and are able to adjust to changes in pace seamlessly. Professional musicians show up at rehearsal, they are faithful to set schedules, and show on time all set to go out and play.

Once you have found such an ensemble, trust their judgment faithfully; you may have ideas on the music you intend them to play, but their experience with many services gives them credibility when it comes to musical programs. Finally, professional musicians are skilled at their craft, and will therefore need time to rest between every session.

Make sure that they are comfortably accommodated during such periods, providing them with food, drink, and a place to rest so that their next set would be as unforgettable as the last one. Live ensembles not only create the mood, they also build up on it; surely your wedding has everything to gain with such a privilege.

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